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Client Testimonials

" In the last 3 months I have lost 15kgs - down from 103kg to 88kg! I have also become a whole lot fitter and I'm 13cm smaller around my waist. I can now do pull-ups on the bar and push-ups on the floor (something I have been struggling to do before) as I am 15kgs lighter, feel younger, and move faster. It’s been a life changing experience! "                

                                                                                              -Sohrab, Finance Manager


Feedback from Women's Weight Loss Courses:

"I would recommend this course to others.  I think the accountability is important and also the behaviour management is very important. It didn't feel like a punishment or deprivation at all. It was the easiest and most enjoyable way I have ever lost weight in my whole life." 
                                                                                                                    - lost 6kg in 11 weeks

"I felt it went so much deeper than just weight loss and focus on numbers.  I feel like my thoughts have changed and my habits are following suit.  It's what I needed and I feel in control now." 
                                                                                  - lost 4.5kg in 11 weeks

"I enjoyed being able to talk to others in the same situation."

"I enjoyed the group discussions and food demos."